Welcome to Iconic

Iconic Gelato & Bistro is a restaurant with a very rate concept in the culinary world. It has 3 main concepts: Gelato & Bistro, Toys Gallery, and ICONIC Station (coming soon) where every room has a different interior design. ICONIC Gelato & Bistro is a great choice for friends, families, and everyone. Our friendly staff, tasty gelato, and delicious food makes it a pleasure to every customer to go back to ICONIC Gelato & Bistro again.

Gelato & Bistro

Located in Jalan Magelang and next to Jogja City Mall, ICONIC Gelato & Bistro is an easy place to find. With the seat capacity of 70 seats and a modern minimalist concept, ICONIC will ensure your comfort when you’re inside. ICONIC invites you to try the comfort and friendliness of our staff.

Toys Gallery

Having a capacity of 60 seats inside the Toys Gallery, ICONIC offers a unique atmosphere where you can see hundreds of action figures which makes you feel like you are in a superhero movie. ICONIC invites you to try out food and gelato while accompanied by your favourite superheroes!

Iconic Station

Coming soon

Coming Soon